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With the launch of satellites, peoples' lives have changed dramatically and information infrastructure has also developed dramatically. The space business, a new industry, has expanded and the world has entered an era engaged in a competition within the said industry. In addition, space travel by civilians will soon become a reality, and private companies will soon develop and launch rockets and spaceships. Space is a new frontier in which next-generation industries will develop. Okinawa is a place filled with the advantages of launching rockets into space, and the space industry will be able to solve the problems of remote islands.

By having the Spaceport in Okinawa, we will launch a "transport revolution" from Okinawa, and propose the Okinawa Ocean and Space Airport City Plan with the aim of "Solving the pain of isolated islands" and "Balance between economic prosperity and deterrence."



How will Okinawa change with Spaceport?

~Okinawa Ocean and Space Airport City Initiative~

Okinawa Spaceport|Solving the pain of isolated islands
Okinawa Spaceport|Transport revolution
Okinawa Spaceport|Balance between economic prosperity and deterrence

Solving the pain of isolated islands

Okinawa Spaceport|Solving the pain of isolated islands

For Okinawa, which consists of many large and small islands, the space industry leads to "Solving the pain of isolated islands". In addition, the establishment of new means of transportation and the development of the manufacturing industry that accompanies the space industry will lead to "regional revitalization," and create many jobs. As per capita added value increases and wage increases, young people can find jobs locally and help address depopulation. The space industry is the next generation of industry and will become a catalyst for further development of Japan. In addition to Okinawa's "Solving the pain of isolated islands" the traditional disadvantageous geographical conditions can also be advantageous to the aerospace industry, creating the potential to become Japan's most advanced island.

Transport revolution

Okinawa Spaceport|Transport revolution

The space industry is an investment in infrastructure that extends the range of human activities into space, and "Creating a path toward space". It is said that the development of space flights will link Japan and New York in about two hours. The "transport revolution" will be a boon for Okinawa, which has many remote islands, large and small, to build a path to space. In addition, improving flying vehicles and infrastructure and providing new mobility options will help reduce traffic congestion. Realizing "transport revolution" will stimulate commercial distribution both at home and abroad, create new opportunities, and lead directly to economic prosperity. It will become easier to travel between remote islands not only to work but also to enjoy vacations and holidays.

Balance between economic prosperity and deterrence

Okinawa Spaceport|Balance between economic prosperity and deterrence

The development of the space industry will lead to the development of other industries as well as the space industry. The construction of complex tourist facilities such as the visitor complex attached to Space Port, training centers, schools, long-term recreation resorts, research institutes, medical rehabilitation facilities, and the information industry, service industry, and manufacturing industry will also develop. With the aim of designating Japan as a special zone for the formation of an aerospace industrial cluster, this project aims to make Japan a major hub of the global aerospace industry. I believe that talented people from around the world will gather and that young people in Okinawa Prefecture will be able to have specific dreams and improve their academic abilities. The most advanced technology in space development also serves as a deterrent. I think it will be a support to solve the problems of Okinawa.

Representative Director

Okinawa Spaceport|Representative Director Yukari Uehara

I am Yukari Uehara from Yuntaku Shisa Radio. On the radio, I have spoken to the listeners about the Okinawa Ocean and Space Airport City Initiative. From Okinawa to space travel, why not paint together a vision of the future where the space industry and space business are growing and flourishing? Please think about it. The present world is a society in which people's ideas are realized. Research, ingenuity, tireless efforts, ideas, and the combined power of many people make nothing impossible. I hope that we "Think Big" and draw up a vision for the future, and work together with many people to build Okinawa in the space age and become a part of the reconstruction of Japan.


Executive Director, Okinawa Spaceport Promotion Committee
Director, Kaiho Clinic
Yundaku Shisa Radio Producer and Personality
Yukari Uehara

Executive Director

Greetings ~ For the establishment of the Okinawa Spaceport invitation committee ~

Okinawa Spaceport|Executive Director Takehiro Ishikawa

I would like to say a few words about the establishment of the "Okinawa Spaport Promotion Committee."
"HUH? Aerospace Industry in Okinawa?" "HUH? What does Spaceport mean? SEA, SPACE AND AIRPORT CITY!? What on earth is that?" When I first heard about this from Yukari Uehara, I suddenly had an unbelievable feeling when I heard the words that I had never heard of and the grand scheme of mind. However, as I listened to her talk, I learned that having the aerospace industry to Okinawa, which will be the core of the future industry, is very important in terms of economic ripple effect.
Rocket launches and satellites used to be a big national project in our time, but now commercial and commercial rockets are being launched all over the world. In such a situation, Okinawa, a remote island prefecture, had been a major negative factor in economic activities such as logistics and transportation due to its distance from the capital. However, considering that Okinawa Prefecture, which is the closest to the equator in Japan, is the most suitable location for a space port (Rocket launch sites and spacecraft landing sites), it has been found to be very promising as it can become a base for the aerospace industry, which involves highly intelligent industries and manufacturing.
During the Ryukyu dynasty, we, the Ryukyus, were people who saw stars not only from Asian countries but also from as far as Europe, operated ships, maintained peace with a sense of international balance, and depicted dreams for the future. With this spirit in mind, I hope that we, the people of Okinawa today, can contribute to the creation of the future by envisioning the direction of space and aiming to become a great star. I am excited and dreamed that I will be able to participate as much as I can with you in this effort.

MaruSangyo Corporation
FM 21 Co., Ltd. FM Recio Co., Ltd. FM Motobu Co., Ltd.
Takehiro Ishikawa

Aerospace Industry is Key toHigh Economic Growth in Reiwa Era

Okinawa Spaceport|Executive Director  tatsuro kinjo

Creating effective demands in the aerospace industry is a very promising measure to end this prolonged deflation-led recession in Japan. The U.S. has resumed crewed spaceflight after nine years since the last human spaceflight. The remarkable point of this is that the entries of the private sector are being accelerated. Also, in our prefecture, Okinawa, a private company proposed the utilization of Shimojishima Airport as a site for rocket launch. Unfortunately, the proposition was not adopted and Kushimoto-Cho, Wakayama Prefecture, was selected instead. It is adequately predicted that the space business will be expanded worldwide further in the coming decades. We will call national attention to the significance of developing new businesses to realize high economic growth in the Reiwa era.

By Tatsuro Kinjo, Representative of Kyusyu Area (Okinawa),
The Happiness Realization Party

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Board of Directors meeting in Urasoe City



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Visit to Hokkaido Taiki Town Office and Taiki Aerospace Laboratory, Interstellar Technologies, Inc.



Paul Allen Private Aircraft Museum in Seattle, Washington

Visit to the Everett Plant in Boing and the Seattle Air Museum



Interview with Tesla Japan



Visit to NASA Johnson Space Center in Texas

Roswell UFO Museum, Space Port America, New Mexico

Inspection of White Sands Missile Range



ANA Aircraft Plant Tour



Japan Space Forum Joins Microgravity Experiment at Diamond Air Service MU 300

Tour of the MRJ



Visit to Kagoshima Uchinoura Space Center and Tanegashima Space Center



JAL Aircraft Plant Tour



Visit to Washington D.C. Arlington National Cemetery and US Capital

Visit to NYC Intrepid Maritime Aerospace Museum



Visit to Tsukuba JAXA



Visit to the main building and annex of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Visit to the Orlando Kennedy Space Center in Florida

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Outline of the Committee

Name Okinawa Spaceport Promotion Committee Secretariat
Invite a space port in Okinawa
Representative Yukari Uehara, Representative Director of Daihyojyo
Established December 2016
Address 2 -14 -4 Daiichi Kaiho Building 1F Kohagura, Naha, Okinawa

Member Company

Kaiho Clinic & Research Institute MaruSangyo Co., Ltd. FM 21
FM Lequio FM Motobu Medical Corporation Seiten-kai
Shimoji Hospital
STO Saito Translation Office Yuntaku Chisa Radio Matsukawa Auto Co., Ltd.
Megumi Limited Company Mirai Limited Liablity Company Medical Photography Institute
Limited Company

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